What is makholm.net?

The makholm.net domain was registered in 1998 by a family in Rødovre, Denmark, such that we could get persistent email addresses of the form firstname@makholm.net. Later some of us have set up servers behind xDSL lines and used firstname.makholm.net subdomains to address them.

If you are a legitimate bearer of the family name Makholm, you can have your own email forwarding address and/or a subdomain under makholm.net too, if you're willing to pay a share of our rather modest operating expenses. Write to Henning or Peter to make inquiries.

That's what there is to it. And otherwise than this information, there is nothing interesting on www.makholm.net. We set it up because some people assume that a domain is "not in use" if there is not a web server running on the www.domain address. Well, makholm.net is in use. So there. Now move along.